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17.07.08 01:48
Coca Cola 'Unity' - gallery update
Title: "Unity"
Production: Nexus Productions. All images property of Nexus Productions.
Directors: Smith & Foulkes
Product: Coca-Cola
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy Portland

I oversaw character development, designing and modeling the Lebron James and Yao Ming hero characters.

I also modeled and rigged the chinese dragon, the panda and Grizzly heads, did their fur setup and rendering, and modeled and textured Santa Claus. (who you may just spot if you pay vvverryy close attention..)


See the movie here
17.07.08 01:48
Coca Cola 'Unity' : Behind the scenes - gallery update
Some production stills for the 'Coca Cola Unity' spot.
30.04.08 20:58
Gallery update

I've done a little gallery maintenance, uploaded some old stuff that never made it to the site, and updated some recent stuff.
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