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04.12.06 20:10
BBC Jam - gallery update
Production: Nexus Productions. Images property of Nexus Productions.
Director: Woof Wan-bau

An advertisement I worked on at Nexus Productions for BBC Jam. I modelled, textured and rigged the plant which spews forth the little monster.

View here
11.11.06 17:30
TER - gallery update
Two ads done in 2005 for TER/SNCF.
These were done at Nexus Productions and directed by Smith and Foulkes.
See them at the French site here

In the leopard one I modelled the all the leopards and the antelope.

In the fairy tale one I modelled the Princess, both the palace interiors, the rival princes and their cars.
I was also responsible for the cloth simulation on the princesses gown.
11.11.06 17:12
Zanussi - gallery update
Produced at Nexus Productions, directed by Tom and Mark Perrett.

Short ad for Zanussi, I did the modelling which had two very different challenges; the highly stylised cell shaded elements, and the photo real oven.


See it here

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