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Yescarta “Quicksand”

I worked for Taylor James on this campaign for McCann Health NJ exploring alternative treatment for patients with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Taking place during the first Covid-19 lockdown photo shoots were not an option, so digital doubles were used.

I customised off-the-shelf digital human models, working closely with the groom and cloth team to create digital doubles to the agency’s requirements.




HP Magic Carpet


HP Magic Carpet directed by Smith & Foulkes at Nexus Studios

This probject completed start to finish in 2020’s lockdown.  I helped early on with character look dev, and later on with prop building.

Milka Goodness

Animated commercial directed by Sam Southward, for Nexus Studios.

I worked on some of the characters in this largely CG spot, which mimicked traditional stop-motion animation with miniature sets.

Cadbury Creme Egg

Working at Taylor James I was tasked with giving the Cadbury Creme Egg main branding image an update.

Using the existing branding as reference I was able to build a 3d model version, subtly changing and refreshing the brand.

Publicis Life Brands

I worked at Taylor James to produce the 3d artwork for an AR app, for Publicis Life Brands / Real Science Communications.  I had to make 3D models to match the clean graphical artwork of illustrator Scalett Karsidi.

Here we see an example of her original artwork:


And then the 3d model I created to match this as closely as possible, given the restrictions at hand:


Some further models, with animation:


And the final app in action:


Wasp Nest


To demonstrate the exponential growth of this Prostate Cancer, Ogilvy, CommonHealth and Chemistry commissioned Taylor James to create a print and animation depicting a busy colony of wasps building a nest.

I worked on the wasps and grubs, making a shader system to create seemingly endless variations.


A print image created for Taylor James.

I was responsible for the submerged portion of the Octopus, modelling, texturing and rendering this element.

McVities Crane

Client: Mcvities

Agency: Grey London

Production: Nexus Studios

Directors: Smith and Foulkes

I modelled the 4 characters on the ground in this spot for McVities, as well as doing some earlier look-dev for the wide shot of the crane.


Temptations Cat Attack

Client: Temptations

Agency:Adam & Eve DDB

Production: Nexus Studios

Directors: Smith and Foulkes

In this b-movie spot for Temptations, a model city is terrorised by a ‘giant’ cat.  I lead the character modelling, which were designed to look like miniature preiser figures.  These were sculpted in zbrush, 3d printed and hand painted to be shot on the miniature set.