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05.08.16 14:04
Wrapit 1.58
Wrapit 1.58 is a maintenance update, which adds support for 3dsmax 2017, and brings a slightly snappier feedback to the Autowrap function.
11.01.12 19:11
Wrapit 1.5
Wrapit 1.5 has been released, see the forum for details.
07.10.10 13:04
Wrapit Examples: Chris Sulzbach - gallery update
Some examples of Wrapit retopology work carried out by Chris Sulzbach.

"We found out about Wrapit in the early stages of it's development, and since then we've fully integrated into our modeling pipeline. It may seem risky to fully integrate a plugin at such an early point in it's development, but Wrap It showed enough usefulness and potential so early on, we had to take the risk. Matt has added some stellar features throughout the development of the tool and he's taken it in the best direction possible. Wrapit is now fully integrated studio wide and we use it everyday.

I recommend Wrapit to every modeler I know.

Wrapit is ideal for retopologizing any surface, not just organic. We use to create complex hard surface forms every day.

Wrapit is the most essential Max plugin period."

-Chris Sulzbach
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