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13.07.10 20:51
Wrapit Examples: Straightface Studios
An example of Wrapit used to retopologise a hard surface NURBS model, by Straightface Studios.

"The ability to retopologize your meshes right inside of 3DS Max with WrapIt is a must for modelers and sculptors today. I prefer using it over ZBrush's retopologize tool! Wrapit has saved me many hours of work and allows me more time to be creative."

-Mike Hanson
Straightface Studios

“WrapIt is an invaluable plug-in that should be in every 3ds Max user’s toolkit. What used to be tedious and labor intensive is now fast and almost effortless by comparison. WrapIt opens new workflows that before would have been too slow or too difficult to employ in production. What used to take days with Max’s bundled functionality can now be done in a matter of hours. It’s one of the rare tools that not only lives up to all of its promise but surpasses it.”

-Gavin Greenwalt
Straightface Studios

Image, from left to right: NURBS topology, Wrapit subdiv topology, Viewport shaded.
work by matt, site by drew
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