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Just some of the studios who have used Wrapit:

and here's what some industry professionals have to say about Wrapit.

“Wrapit has been nothing short of amazing, as it allowed me to quickly bring into my workflow something that makes the lopoly process more precise to my hipoly work, along with speeding up my process on how I handle this area of creation. I cannot see my future workflow without this program, and I personally look forward to what else Wrapit will bring.”

-Brett Briley
Senior Character Artist
id Software

"I use Wrapit daily. being in games 16 years you know when you come across a great tool and Wrapit is one of the few. Doing the technical side of game art used to take a day, now it takes minutes. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

-Patrick Thomas
id Software

"Wrapit has all of the 'actually useful' features of any standalone re-topo application, and a lot more on top, all within easy reach and no fuss. I instantly missed it when I had to work without it"

-David Fleet
Lead artist
The Mill

"Wrapt is a real boon to any character artist and has quickly become an essential weapon. It’s intuitive to use and has made re-top work so much easier and faster to do. The fact it integrates seamlessly with the rest of Max’s tools is really helpful too. I have a whole bunch of people waiting for Wrapit to go public. I just hope Matt still speaks to us when he’s rich and famous!"

-Toby Hynes
Lead Artist

"Wrapit gives us simple, powerful and stable conformation to source data, and should become an essential tool in any Max artist’s workflow"

-Rockstar Games

"Wrapit has become an essential part of our asset creation pipeline at Firaxis. Having wrap-it as a tool has not only decreased the time required for resurfacing, but it has also allowed us to achieve a more accurate and higher quality level in our models. Wrapit has also become integral in my own workflow for personal work."

-Andrew Kincaid
Firaxis Games

"We found out about Wrapit in the early stages of it's development, and since then we've fully integrated into our modeling pipeline. It may seem risky to fully integrate a plugin at such an early point in it's development, but Wrap It showed enough usefulness and potential so early on, we had to take the risk. Matt has added some stellar features throughout the development of the tool and he's taken it in the best direction possible. Wrapit is now fully integrated studio wide and we use it everyday.

I recommend Wrapit to every modeler I know.

Wrapit is ideal for retopologizing any surface, not just organic. We use to create complex hard surface forms every day.

Wrapit is the most essential Max plugin period."

-Chris Sulzbach
Firaxis Games

"Wrapit is easy to use, and extremely fast at what it does! The fact that we can now retopologize quickly and efficiently directly within 3ds Max has been an enormous benefit to our pipeline. We can't imagine going back to working without it!"

-Michael Zurcher
3 Dart

"Wrapit is awesome, it's fast, it's easy, and is perfectly integrated with all the other tools in Max, it even respects all the topology tools from the graphite tools, there is the real power of Wrapit! It is so well integrated that you won't have to leave your favourite modelling software and learn a new one!"

-Alex Huguet
Character Modeller

“My company creates realistic surgical and dental education animations. We build extremely accurate anatomical models with numerous nested objects which we need to create animations and cutaways of. Retopologizing and conforming one object's surface to another used to consume days and weeks of our time, even using the latest features in Max & Zbrush. Wrapit reduces our modeling time dramatically, and allows us to do things we never imagined we could.”

-Greg Lopez
Senior Artist
Patterson Companies Inc

"The Wrapit modeling plugin is an invaluable addition to the already impressive arsenal of 3ds Max modeling tools. The timing is perfect for the debut of Wrapit, as vfx artists are required to deal with increasingly complex 3D data for film, including LiDAR 3D set data and 3D scan data of actors, maquettes, etc. In order to turn around complex animation-ready 3D models from scan data, Wrapit is essential for modelers using 3ds Max.

On a recent film project with a 2 million polygon LiDAR set, I was able to produce several animation-ready set meshes of different resolutions in several hours. Without the new QuadGen tool in Wrapit, this would have taken days to complete. Rebuilding clean custom topology from digital creature sculpts is also a snap. It's a fun tool to use, and it reduces time spent on tedious tasks, thereby allowing artists to focus on their art instead of technical problems. There are other tools out there that do some of what Wrapit does, but none of them are as complete, easy, straightforward, and as well integrated into 3ds Max. It is a solid and reliable production ready plugin.

-Erin Nicholson
Lead modeler
Spin Productions Inc.

"WrapIt is undoubtedly one of the coolest tools out there. Virtually everyone on my staff has found an invaluable use for it, from Character Artists to Environment Artists. Whether it's re-topologizing a character or laying down a grid for our deformable terrain patches, I cannot imagine moving forward in a production pipeline without it."

- Michael Woolf
Studio AD
Left FIeld Productions

"The ability to retopologize your meshes right inside of 3DS Max with WrapIt is a must for modelers and sculptors today. I prefer using it over ZBrush's retopologize tool! Wrapit has saved me many hours of work and allows me more time to be creative."

-Mike Hanson
Straightface Studios

“WrapIt is an invaluable plug-in that should be in every 3ds Max user’s toolkit. What used to be tedious and labor intensive is now fast and almost effortless by comparison. WrapIt opens new workflows that before would have been too slow or too difficult to employ in production. What used to take days with Max’s bundled functionality can now be done in a matter of hours. It’s one of the rare tools that not only lives up to all of its promise but surpasses it.”

-Gavin Greenwalt
Straightface Studios

"Not only is WrapIt an excellent tool by itself, but the fact that it integrates so well into 3Ds Max other tools makes it simply outstanding. I can adjust edgeloops, build topology with the graphite tools, move stuff around and really whatever I need to do and WrapIt can handle it. It has saved me hours of tedious work."

-Joar Holmstrom

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